The AquaPro Simplex Industrial water softener, equipped with a Clack Control Valve, serves as the core water softening system for industrial applications requiring intermittent operation, rather than continuous 24-hour usage. This system effectively prevents the formation and accumulation of limescale, thereby prolonging the lifespan of industrial appliances. AquaPro Industrial water softeners address the water hardness in industrial settings by employing resin-based treatment.

The resin within the system exchanges the hardness minerals in the water with salt (brine) during periodic regeneration cycles. This process, known as ion exchange, eliminates harsh ions such as manganese, iron, calcium, and magnesium from the incoming water supply. Through water softening, you can expect to use less detergent, witness reduced accumulation of hard water deposits, save on maintenance costs associated with unnecessary wear and tear on industrial equipment, and enhance overall operational efficiency.

Whether it’s in the realm of complex manufacturing processes or laundry operations, the AquaPro Simplex Industrial water softener ensures optimal performance and longevity for your industrial appliances.


– Available water flow: 14 to 530 gallons per minute (GPM)
– FRP Vessel Sizes Available: 13×54, 16×65, 21×60, 24×69, 30×72, 36×73, 42×78, 63×103
– Clack Control Valve sizes: 1” to 3”
– Brine Tank Capacities: 100 to 500 Liters
– Custom-made models include four distinct operational cycles:
1. Backwash: Hydraulic cleaning, up-flow
2. Slow rinse: Displaces residual brine, down-flow
3. Brine refill: Restores resin to sodium form, down-flow
4. Fast rinse: Prepares softening resin for service cycle, down-flow

Operation & Maintenance:

– Operation is simple and virtually self-sustaining after initial setup.
– Automatic Head: Back-flushing and clearing of trapped contaminants occur automatically.
– Manual Head: Back-flushing and clearing are done manually with a lever.
– Media replacement approximately every three years.


– Installation of an Automatic Water Softener effectively eliminates these issues. These systems utilize the ion exchange process, where calcium is replaced with more soluble sodium.
– The process is automated using a timer control, allowing the water softener resin bed to backwash and regenerate with a brine solution as needed.