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What is a Softener?

Aqua Water Softener Hard water is termed as the type of water which contains high level of calcium, iron, chlorine and other suspended particles.

When we use “hard” water for cooking or drinking purposes, it causes health problems such as kidney stones, skin diseases like psoriases and itching, aging of skins, graying of hair and hair loss.

The water, which is available now locally, is without treatment. Our system would decolorize and purify the water. Presently three major water-purifying methods are adopted around the world. Which are through chlorine, distillation system and reverse osmosis system, RO is considered the best purifying system suits the present way of life.

Softener is the sate-of-the-art latest technology in Middle East which converts hard water into soft water. Making it easy for the end user to have affordable and durable solution Aqua Best UAE has introduced this technology, where customers can utilize the tape water without any concern and fear.




CAPACITY: 1500 GPD or 2500 GPD

Cabinet-L: 32x48x114 cm (Blue & White)
USA Made Control Valve (8”x 22” tank use)
1252/1054 Fiber Glass Vessel
1252/1054 Carbon Vessel
UK Made Cation Resin Bed
Transformer 12V
Salt Valve Set
1” Inlet Connector
Brine Pipe Connector
Shipping Dimension: 51x45x125 cm/set
Weight: 46KG’s (Without resin bed)

How it works?

Water from the main line enters the softener and follows the following steps:

a.     Via control valve (Made is USA) water enter the main vessel.
b.     Control Valve contains Resin Bed which absorbs all the suspended particles.
c.     Brine Tank filled with salts injected to the softener removes hard water minerals.
d.     Than the water reaches all the connections and taps which are connected to the softener.

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Best Aqua Water Softener

Are you tired of dealing with hard water issues at your home or office? Look no further! Aqua Water Softener is here to provide you with the ultimate solution for clean and soft water. In this article, we will explore the features, benefits, and working mechanism of the Aqua Water Softener. Say goodbye to limescale build-up, dry skin, and damaged appliances caused by hard water. Let’s dive in and discover how Aqua Water Softener can transform your water quality.

What is Aqua Water Softener?

Aqua Water Softener is an advanced water treatment system designed to combat the negative effects of hard water. Hard water contains high levels of minerals, such as calcium and magnesium, which can leave behind deposits and cause various issues. The Aqua Water Softener utilizes a process called ion exchange to remove these minerals, resulting in soft and clean water.

Features and Benefits

1. Efficient Ion Exchange Process

The Aqua Water Softener employs an efficient ion exchange process to remove calcium and magnesium ions from the water. It utilizes a resin bed that exchanges these minerals with sodium ions, effectively softening the water. This process ensures that you receive water that is free from the harmful effects of hard water.

2. Scale Prevention

By eliminating the minerals responsible for limescale build-up, the Aqua Water Softener helps in preventing the formation of scale in your pipes and appliances. This not only extends the lifespan of your plumbing system but also improves the efficiency of your water heating equipment, saving you money on energy bills in the long run.

3. Softer Skin and Hair

Hard water can leave your skin feeling dry and your hair looking dull. With Aqua Water Softener, you can say goodbye to these problems. Soft water is gentle on the skin and helps retain its natural moisture, leaving you with smoother skin and healthier-looking hair. Experience the luxury of soft water every time you shower.

4. Spotless Dishes and Clean Laundry

If you’ve been struggling with cloudy dishes and stiff laundry, Aqua Water Softener can be the game-changer you need. Soft water ensures spotless dishes without the need for excessive detergents. It also enhances the effectiveness of your laundry detergent, resulting in cleaner and softer clothes.

5. Extended Appliance Lifespan

Hard water can wreak havoc on your appliances, leading to frequent breakdowns and costly repairs. By installing Aqua Water Softener, you can protect your appliances from the damaging effects of scale build-up. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your appliances are running smoothly and lasting longer.

How Does Aqua Water Softener Work?

The Aqua Water Softener system consists of three main components: a mineral tank, a brine tank, and a control valve. Here’s a step-by-step breakdown of the working mechanism:

Step 1: Water Enters the Mineral Tank

When water enters the mineral tank, it comes into contact with resin beads. These beads are charged with sodium ions.

Step 2: Ion Exchange Process

The calcium and magnesium ions present in the water have a stronger charge than the sodium ions on the resin beads. As a result, the resin beads attract and trap the calcium and magnesium ions, while releasing the sodium ions into the water.

Step 3: Softened Water Supply

The water that passes through the mineral tank undergoes the ion exchange process, resulting in softened water that is free from the minerals responsible for hardness.

Step 4: Regeneration Cycle

Over time, the resin beads become saturated with calcium and magnesium ions. To regenerate the resin beads and restore their sodium charge, the control valve initiates a regeneration cycle. During this

Step 4: Regeneration Cycle

During this cycle, the brine tank comes into play. The control valve directs a highly concentrated saltwater solution, known as brine, into the mineral tank. The brine washes over the resin beads, displacing the accumulated calcium and magnesium ions.

Step 5: Flushing and Rinse

After the regeneration cycle, the control valve initiates a flushing and rinse process. Clean water from the brine tank is used to flush out the excess brine and any remaining impurities from the mineral tank. This ensures that the system is ready to provide you with a continuous supply of softened water.

Step 6: Ready for Use

Once the flushing and rinse process is complete, the Aqua Water Softener is ready to soften your water again. It operates automatically, regenerating as needed based on your water usage, providing you with a constant supply of clean and soft water.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1: Is the installation of Aqua Water Softener complicated?

No, the installation process is relatively simple. However, it is recommended to seek professional assistance to ensure proper installation and optimal performance of the system.

Q2: Will the soft water have a salty taste?

No, the Aqua Water Softener does not add salt to the water. It simply exchanges the minerals responsible for hardness with sodium ions. The amount of sodium added to the water is minimal and does not significantly affect the taste.

Q3: How often does the system need to be regenerated?

The regeneration frequency depends on your water usage and the capacity of the system. The control valve of the Aqua Water Softener is programmed to regenerate automatically based on these factors, ensuring a continuous supply of softened water.

Q4: Can I use softened water for drinking and cooking?

Softened water is safe for drinking and cooking. However, if you are on a low-sodium diet or prefer water with lower sodium content, you may choose to install a separate drinking water tap that bypasses the softener.

Q5: How long does the Aqua Water Softener last?

With proper maintenance and regular servicing, the Aqua Water Softener can last for many years. It is a durable and reliable solution for your hard water problems.


Say goodbye to the troubles caused by hard water and embrace the benefits of soft and clean water with Aqua Water Softener. This advanced system efficiently removes minerals, prevents limescale build-up, and provides you with numerous advantages, from softer skin and spotless dishes to extended appliance lifespan. Experience the transformative power of Aqua Water Softener and enjoy the luxury of high-quality water in your daily life.

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