Carbon Filter

Carbon Filter

Carbon Filter

Aqua Pro APC-Carbon Block Filter Cartridges

The AquaPro Series APC Carbon Block (CTO) Filter Cartridges are highly efficient in diminishing undesired tastes and odors, including those of chlorine, along with other contaminants. AquaPro’s CTO activated carbon block is derived from natural materials obtained through the carbonization process of plants or minerals such as wood, peat, charcoal, and coconut, ensuring the purity of drinking water.

Benefits and Features of Aqua Pro Purifier:
– Reduction of chlorine, taste, and odor
– High capacity for holding dirt
– Outstanding reduction of chemical contaminants
– Ideal for areas with low water pressure
– NSF/ANSI Standard 42 certification
– Made from 100% coconut shell carbon
– Size: 10”x2.5 Dia / 10″x4.5 Dia / 20″x2.5 Dia / 20″x4.5 Dia
– Nominal filtration of 5 microns

Carbon filters, also known as activated carbon filters or charcoal filters, are highly effective filtration systems designed to remove impurities, odors, and contaminants from water and air. These filters contain activated carbon, which is a form of carbon processed to have small, low-volume pores that increase the surface area available for adsorption or chemical reactions.

Key features and benefits of carbon filters include:

1. Adsorption: Activated carbon has a large surface area with micropores that can adsorb various impurities, including chlorine, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), chemicals, and odors. This process traps the contaminants within the carbon pores, effectively removing them from the water or air passing through the filter.

2. Chemical Filtration: Carbon filters are effective at removing a wide range of chemical pollutants, such as pesticides, herbicides, industrial solvents, and pharmaceuticals, by adsorbing them onto the carbon surface.

3. Odor Reduction: Carbon filters are particularly adept at eliminating unpleasant odors from water or air, including chlorine smell, musty odors, cooking odors, and more, leaving behind clean and fresh-tasting water or air.

4. Taste Improvement: By removing chlorine and other taste- and odor-causing compounds, carbon filters can significantly improve the taste of tap water, making it more palatable and enjoyable to drink.

5. Versatility: Carbon filters are versatile and can be used in various applications, including point-of-use systems for drinking water, whole-house filtration systems, refrigerator filters, air purifiers, and more.

6. Eco-Friendly: Activated carbon is a natural and environmentally friendly filtration medium that does not introduce harmful chemicals or by-products into the water or air during the filtration process.

7. Longevity: Carbon filters have a relatively long lifespan and can effectively remove contaminants for several months before needing replacement, depending on usage and water quality.

Overall, carbon filters are an excellent choice for improving the quality of water and air by effectively removing impurities, chemicals, and odors, providing clean and fresh-tasting water and air for various applications.